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My favourite classes at McMaster and what to consider when picking classes

How to choose classes like a PRO

There’s so many great things about the life science program. One of my favourite things is how flexible our degree is. We truly have the opportunity to explore different classes and gear our classes towards a genre of science. This is great, but it can also be seen as daunting. How do you pick classes so when you are in your upper years you will have the prequisites? How do I even know what I like? I am a confused science student just like you. Here are a few steps I use to pick my classes.

Step 1: Research

Our favourite word as science students. Here you want to gain a general knowledge of what courses you can take as a Life Science student. Explore everything, not just faculty of science courses. Resources for class/prof research include:

  • Academic calendar

  • MapSci

  • MyTimetable

  • Mosaic

  • Reddit

  • RateMyProf

Step 2: Critical analysis

Now, look at the courses that you've found. What made them stand out to you? Think about courses you've taken in the past, be that years before or even high school:

  • What did you like about these classes?

  • What was your favourite unit?

  • Did you enjoy the lab or project?

  • What didn’t you like? What made you feel bored

Step 3: Flexibility

Don't be hard on yourself. Sometimes there will be classes you want to talk about but can, or classes you thought you'd enjoy but don’t. Be flexible when it comes to planning your schedule. Sometimes classes are only offered at specific times. Don't force yourself into class that you know deep down you won’t enjoy (I'm speaking to you, pre-meds). You will do better in classes you enjoy, and will therefore have a higher GPA because of it. Not all bird courses are bird courses for everyone.

My favourite courses:
  • KIN 2U03, KIN 2YY3


  • PSYCH 1XX3

  • LIFESCI 3L03

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