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Peer Mentorship Program

The McMaster Life Science Peer Mentorship Program is open to all Life Science Students in either mentor or mentee positions. This Mentorship program is a great way to gain insight, advice and ensure that your experience in Life Sci is absolutely memorable!

If you're an upper year student looking to gain leadership skills and experience or connect with other Life Science students, this is the program for you. Mentor positions are open to all students enrolled in their third, fourth or fifth year of study in any of the Life Science specializations or General Life Science.

If you're new to McMaster University and/or the Life Science program and eager to meet new people, gain some valuable advice and insight, then this is the program for you! The mentee positions are open to ALL first and second-year students. 

For more information feel free to contact us at to be connected to one of our amazing Peer Mentorship Coordinators!


Peer Mentorship Coordinators

Maheen Raja - Headshot_edited.jpg

Maheen Raja

Shivanthi Kandappa_edited.jpg

Shivanthi Kandappa

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