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The Transition from First Year to Second Year

Going into second year was nerve wracking for me because I was getting ready for another change. Personally, I found the adjustment to second year wasn’t really talked about, so lets talk about it!

1. New program

As Life Science students, we are all moving into our preferred specialization. This is really exciting! Specializations are a great opportunity to choose the route you want to take, and in turn, take the classes you find interesting. I love Biology so I decided to take many bio courses this year. As much as what we are learning is fascinating, it is also really content and memorization heavy which is a challenge in itself. Its important to remember that you may have to readjust the way you study to fit different courses better. But believe me, its very rewarding to study something you love, no matter how difficult it may seem at the start.

2. New living situation

If you lived on residence in first year, you may be living off campus in second, or beginning to commute. Either way, this is another change. Cooking, cleaning, housemates, friends and school are now things you need to manage. Although this is an adjustment, it gives you the opportunity to build important life skills, independence, and the ability to build a schedule that works for you. I found that trying to implement different things to my life (i.e meal prepping, cleaning schedule, a set bed time etc.) is really helpful to build a healthy schedule and lifestyle that works!

3. Invitation to new opportunities

In second year, you will likely get an idea of what you like (or dislike). Take opportunities within academics, but also outside of school to find your passions and things that make you, you! Since you are more familiar in university, make yourself available to resources to reach your full potential with your time at Mac! Remember, this is your time to try new things, grow as a person and develop your interests.

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